Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collaboration

The most coveted collaboration has finally dropped! Louis Vuitton and Supreme have collaborated together to produce some of the most hyped items in the fashion industry. Supreme, a streetwear brand, and Louis Vuitton, a high fashion brand, have come together unexpectedly. I say this because back in 2000, Supreme made a copy of the Louis Vuitton logo which resulted in a lawsuit and a court order to destroy all merchandise related to the Louis Vuitton brand. Fast forward 17 years, and they have joined forces to provide consumers with the Supreme hype and Vuitton quality. The collection is only available at pop-up shops in select cities around the world. However, this collection will carry a hefty price tag with some items costing upwards of $68,500. It is easy to assume that this collaboration will generate a large profit for both Supreme and LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent company.

Oh, and there is also one more thing to note, once the collection is sold out, that’s it. No more items will be produced, so if you want something, good luck! And remember, always stay inspired!


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