Louis Vuitton: No More Canvas?

Recently there have been rumors that Louis Vuitton may be discontinuing the use of canvas for their handbags and some other (smaller) goods. The reasoning behind this is simple: to make their bags appear more luxurious. Seeing that Chanel and Hermes are currently ruling the high-class luxury market, LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent company, wants a piece of the profit. But the catch is that both Chanel and Hermes make a majority of their bags out of leather. Although canvas from Louis Vuitton is very durable, it isn’t as luxurious as fine Italian leather, hence the transition. However, in my opinion, this is extremely unlikely.

I say that the discontinuation of canvas for their handbags (and hence this rumor) is false because it is what makes Louis Vuitton- Louis Vuitton. The canvas has too much history in the brand for it to be discontinued from its handbags. In addition, the Neverfull and Speedy, both canvas bags, are Louis Vuitton’s best selling handbags. To discontinue the creation of those bags in the canvas material would almost be sudden death for the brand. LVMH is a smart company, and they fully understand what Louis Vuitton canvas is worth. If they want to compete with Hermes and Chanel, their best bet is to use Fendi or Dior to tackle that challenge. So don’t worry- Louis Vuitton canvas bags are likely to stay in production for a very long time.

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