Kryptomint by Thierry Mugler: A Review

Earlier in 2017, the house of Mugler released a new fragrance called Kryptomint. The scent is another flanker in the A*Men series, however, this one is very interesting as it focuses around mint. Many times, mint is an afterthought rather than a focus, which is why this fragrance is so amusing. The nose for this fragrance is Jacques Huclier- rightfully so because he was also the nose for the other A*Men flankers. I have been impressed with his other creations, and I knew this one would be great as well. So, I decided to buy a bottle.

After the first spray, I found it to have a spicy mint scent as the opening. This soon changed to a softer mint with the A*Men DNA being very present. Shortly after, a nice chocolate scent arose with a woody-green patchouli. These notes, mixed with the mint, create an intoxicating aroma that lasts for about 8-10 hours on my skin. The sillage is moderate meaning that it only radiates within arm’s length. In my opinion, this fragrance can be worn all year; It is fresh enough for spring and summer, but sweet and woody enough for fall and winter. It smells exquisite- almost niche, which is great being that the price point is only $90. Kryptomint in truly a wonderful release! However, there are a few minor issues.

The first issue I have with this fragrance is that Mugler claimed this fragrance would carry an “Egyptian Geranium” note, which to my nose, does not exist. I think if this note was more prevalent, it would help tie the mint to the patchouli. In addition, it is bottled in the original A*Men bottle which, although iconic, has a terrible atomizer. It creates more of a puddle on my skin rather than a fine mist. But these are tiny issues that don’t pose an enormous problem for the perfume. Overall, I think this is one of the best releases from the house of Mugler.

Buy Kryptomint in the Eau de Toilette concentration here.

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