Top 5 Underrated Designer Brands


Born in 2009, MSGM started the production of unique womenswear in Milan, Italy. It has picked up fame quickly but still seems to be overshadowed during MFW. Massimo Giorgetti, the brand’s founder develops captivating clothing and accessories that stray away from mainstream trends. However, MSGM remains underrated and distant from the larger Italian fashion houses.

2. Etro

Although known, Etro appears as a failing brand that is trying to “keep up with the times.” But, the truth is exactly the opposite. Etro designs exciting and body-complimenting silhouettes in order to enhance the appearance of the wearer- not the clothing itself. This is a nice change of pace in the world of fashion, and it goes unnoticed.

3. Haider Ackermann

If there is one word to describe Haider Ackermann, it’s eunomic. The brand’s capability to skillfully mix textures, shapes, and colors is impeccable, while they still remain creative in their design. Ackermann seems to focus on independence rather than just sheer beauty. They produce fashion- they don’t sell a logo.

4. Wales Bonner

Designer Grace Wales Bonner uses male sexuality as a focal point of her collections. More importantly, Bonner plays with gender roles and the heteronormative narrative to create new ideas of how gender should be portrayed in the world of fashion. Her clothing means something, and it carries a hefty message about societal tendencies.

5. Vetements

As a controversial brand, Vetements fights the idea of normality with its own of parody. Most of their clothing may be deemed “unwearable” by many, but that is exactly what the brand focuses on. Whether it’s waist high boots or obnoxiously oversized jackets, their designs are most definitely innovative and serve as art. Although the brand is popular, it deserves more credit for what it puts out.


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