Why Clothing should be Gender Less

It seems pretty standard: menswear is for men and womenswear is for women. But why has society made this distinction? The ideas of femininity and masculinity being tied to a specific gender have poisoned the world of fashion. Assigning certain pieces of clothing to either a male or female suppresses creativity and creates barriers between self-expression and social acceptance. After all, clothing is just cloth.

Clothing should be gender less for multiple reasons; the first one being that people can wear whatever they want regardless of other people’s thoughts and opinions. A guy wearing a dress and a woman wearing a suit has absolutely no effect on others’ safety, health, or well-being. This is exactly why society has no say in what individuals wear. Another reason is that gendered clothing limits the options in which people may choose to dress. This is not a major problem, but it is unnecessary. In addition, clothing should be gender less because it can only make fashion freer, in terms of choice and style. However, recently, some designers have started to move toward a gender less form of fashion- androgyny.

Androgynous fashion has started to take root, and this is perfect for people who feel that they fit best with clothing that carries both male and female features (i.e. texture, silhouette, and fluidity). Brands like Raf Simmons, Wales Bonner, and Vetements have started to challenge the heteronormative visions in fashion. This is important because fashion is a form of expression, and if groups do not have the ability to express themselves, then they lack group-specific visual representation.

As fashion slowly makes the transition to gender fluid styles, people will be freer to express who they truly are- hopefully without backlash.

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